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Price Lists Of Air Conditioners In India

What to see when buying an Air Conditioner

In hot weather, Air-coolers are cheaper option but they add to humidity especially in the months of June and July when it becomes unbearable and in that case, Air conditioners are the best option. While choosing right air-conditioner price for your room, there are certain things which have to be kept in mind like the size of your room, number of people occupying the room , outdoor climate, amount of light coming into the room, area of windows, number of windows and on which floor your room is.

Here are few tips to guide you to buy Right Air Conditioner for your house :

  1. Tonnage of Air conditioner : Tonnage refers to the cooling capacity of an air conditioner as per the size and requirement of the room. A thumb rule which is used internationally is that for every square foot of room, we require 20 Btu/hr (British Thermal Units per hour). The cooling capacity of an AC is measured in Btu/hr (British thermal unit/hour) which is is its ability to extract a certain amount of heat from a room in an hour.. The AC is considered to be more powerful when the Btu/hr value is higher.  An oversized or high capacity air-conditioner is less effective and less energy efficient. For room size less than 150 sqft, 1 ton capacity of AC is sufficient. Atleast 1.5 ton AC capacity is needed for room size having area approximately 151 – 250 sqft, and for Room Size 251 – 400 sqft, AC capacity needed is 2 ton or above.
  2. Compressor :  Compressor is a very important component of AC. They are classified into three types- reciprocating, rotary and scroll. Reciprocating compressors are usually used in small to medium systems, such as car ACs, and are bulky and noisy. Rotary units are compact and less noisy, while scroll compressors are the quietest and most efficient of the three. However, the last two are more expensive and are also difficult to repair.
  3. Split or Window AC- Which is better?
    1. Window air conditioner price is is quite low as compared to that of a split AC and is easy to install and maintain.
    2. Split AC makes less noise than window AC as the unit is installed outside the room.
    3. The regular maintenance is high in case of split AC. The gas has to be filled after certain time period. This is an added burden on the consumer apart from the high initial split air conditioner price.
    4. Leakage Issue: In case of a Split AC, sometimes the water tips from the air unit during high humidity. This is because of the fact that the droplets are formed right on the face of blower.
    5. Split AC is better when it comes to cooling and power efficiency.
  4. Energy Efficiency and Star Rating: A unit with a higher star rating is more expensive than the one with fewer stars.However, it will also consume less electricity and cut down on power consumption while saving energy and being environment-friendly. In India, an AC runs for around 252 days on an average. The BEE rates appliances from 1 to 5 stars. A 5 star AC is the most energy efficient and consumes the lowest energy while conserving energy and drastically reducing your electricity bills.But you should consider a 5 star rated product only when the consumption is extremely high. Hence with the help of above mentioned points, buyer can make a right buying decision after choosing comparing specifications and air conditioner price of various models available in the market.