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Best price for closest match Laplogix RV420 RV515 19V 3.16A 60 W Adapter (Power Cord Included)
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Axcess Replacement Charger For RV420 A01 19v,3.16a 60 Adapter Price in India

  • Laplogix RV420 RV515 19V 3.16A 60 W Adapter (Power Cord Included)
    ₹639 ₹1299
    As on 10:18:16pm 26-06-2019

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  • Rega SMSNG NP-R420 NP-R423 NP-R425 19V 3.16A 60W 60 W Adapter (Power Cord Included)
    ₹599 ₹1099
    As on 8:59:56pm 26-06-2019
  • Rega SMSNG NP-X420 NP-X520 NT-Q320 19V 3.16A 60W 60 W Adapter (Power Cord Included)
    ₹599 ₹1099
    As on 10:21:24pm 26-06-2019
  • Regatech 19V 3.16A 60W SAM NP-RV511, NP-RV720, NP-X420, NP-X520 60 W Adapter (Power Cord Included)
    ₹599 ₹1099
    As on 9:57:54pm 26-06-2019
  • Regatech 19v 3.16a 60w Sam Np-Rv511, Np-Rv720, Np-X420, Np-X520 60 W Adapter 60 W Adapter (Power Cord Included)
    ₹599 ₹1299
    As on 9:57:54pm 26-06-2019
  • Regatech 19V 3.16A 60W SAM NT-R428, NT-R439, NT-RC420, NT-RF411 60 W Adapter (Power Cord Included)
    ₹599 ₹1099
    As on 10:21:18pm 26-06-2019
  • Axtron Technologies 60W Replacement adapter for Samsung 19V 3.16A
    ₹749 ₹1599
    As on 10:32:26pm 26-06-2019
  • Rega SMSNG NP-RV508 NP-RV510 19V 3.16A 60W 60 W Adapter (Power Cord Included)
    ₹599 ₹1099
    As on 10:21:24pm 26-06-2019
  • Rega SMSNG RV408 RV409 RV410 RV510 19V 3.16A 60W 60 W Adapter (Power Cord Included)
    ₹599 ₹1099
    As on 9:07:36pm 26-06-2019
  • Rega SMSNG NP-RV410 NP-RV411 NP-RV415 19V 3.16A 60W 60 W Adapter (Power Cord Included)
    ₹599 ₹1099
    As on 10:26:07pm 26-06-2019
  • FOR SAMSUNG 65W YELLOW PIN/TIP LAPTOP ADAPTER CHARGER 19V 3.16A PIN SIZE 5.5mm X 3.0mm Samsung R45 Pro C1600, R45 Pro T5500, R45 Pro, R45 series
    ₹749 ₹1499
    As on 2:35:07am 27-06-2019
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Axcess Replacement Charger for RV420-A01 19v,3.16a 60 Adapter

About the brand

Axcess is relatively lesser known brand in the current Indian online market scenario. Products by the brand Axcess are available at stores like flipkart, snapdeal. It sells various items under the categories laptop chargers and adapters, cameras, mobile speakers, mobile card readers, speakers, mobile chargers, laptop bags.

Specifications for Axcess Replacement Charger For RV420 A01 19v,3.16a 60 Adapter

Weight300 g
Cable Length (m)1.5 m
Connector pin Type3.0mm x 5.5mm
Contents1 Laptop Adapter
Designed forSamsung 19v, 3.16a Series
Key FeaturesCompatible with : Samsung np-P33019v 3.16a,, Samsung np-P42819v 3.16a, Samsung np-Q23019v 3.16a,, Samsung np-Q31819v 3.16a,, Samsung np-Q32019v 3.16a,, Samsung np-Q32219v 3.16a,, Samsung np-Q33019v 3.16a,, Samsung np-Q42819v 3.16a,, Samsung np-Qx31019v 3.16a,, Samsung np-R42319v 3.16a,, Samsung np-R42819v 3.16a,, Samsung np-R42919v 3.16a,, Samsung np-R43019v 3.16a,, Samsung np-R43119v 3.16a,, Samsung np-R43919v 3.16a,, Samsung np-R44019v 3.16a,, Samsung np-R45819v 3.16a,, Samsung np-R46019v 3.16a,, Samsung np-R46219v 3.16a,, Samsung np-R46319v 3.16a,, Samsung np-R46419v 3.16a,, Samsung np-R46519v 3.16a,, Samsung np-R46619v 3.16a,, Samsung np-R46719v 3.16a,, Samsung np-R46819v 3.16a,, Samsung np-R47019v 3.16a,, Samsung np-R47819v 3.16a,, Samsung np-R48019v 3.16a,, Samsung np-R52219v 3.16a,, Samsung np-Rc41019v 3.16a,, Samsung np-Rc42019v 3.16a,, Samsung np-Rc42519v 3.16a,, Samsung np-Rf41119v 3.16a,, Samsung np-Rv40819v 3.16a,, Samsung np-Rv41019v 3.16a,, Samsung np-Rv50819v 3.16a,, Samsung np-Sf31019v 3.16a,, Samsung np-Sf31119v 3.16a,, Samsung np-Sf41019v 3.16a,, Samsung np-Sf41119v 3.16a,, Samsung np-X33019v 3.16a,, Samsung np-X33119v 3.16a,, Samsung np-X43019v 3.16a,, Samsung np-X43119v 3.16a,, Samsung Np20019v 3.16a,, Samsung Np40019v 3.16a,, Samsung nt-P230 19v 3.16a,, Samsung nt-P330 19v 3.16a,, Samsung nt-P428 19v 3.16a,, Samsung nt-Q230 19v 3.16a,, Samsung nt-Q318 19v 3.16a,, Samsung nt-Q320 19v 3.16a,, Samsung nt-Q322 19v 3.16a,, Samsung nt-Q330 19v 3.16a,, Samsung nt-Q428 19v 3.16a,, Samsung nt-Qx310 19v 3.16a,, Samsung nt-R423 19v 3.16a,, Samsung nt-R428 19v 3.16a,, Samsung nt-R429 19v 3.16a,, Samsung nt-R430 19v 3.16a,, Samsung nt-R431 19v 3.16a,, Samsung nt-R439 19v 3.16a,, Samsung nt-R440 19v 3.16a,, Samsung nt-R458 19v 3.16a,, Samsung nt-R460 19v 3.16a,, Samsung nt-R462 19v 3.16a,, Samsung nt-R463 19v 3.16a,, Samsung nt-R464 19v 3.16a,, Samsung nt-R465 19v 3.16a,, Samsung nt-R466 19v 3.16a,, Samsung nt-R467 19v 3.16a,, Samsung nt-R468 19v 3.16a,, Samsung nt-R470 19v 3.16a,, Samsung nt-R478 19v 3.16a,, Samsung nt-R480 19v 3.16a,, Samsung nt-R522 19v 3.16a,, Samsung nt-Rc420 19v 3.16a,, Samsung nt-Rc425 19v 3.16a,, Samsung nt-Rf411 19v 3.16a,, Samsung nt-Rv408 19v 3.16a,, Samsung nt-Rv410 19v 3.16a,, Samsung nt-Rv508 19v 3.16a,, Samsung nt-Sf310 19v 3.16a,, Samsung nt-Sf410 19v 3.16a,, Samsung nt-X330 19v 3.16a,, Samsung nt-X331 19v 3.16a,, Samsung nt-X430 19v 3.16a,, Samsung nt-X431 19v 3.16a,, Samsung P230 19v 3.16a,, Samsung P330 19v 3.16a,, Samsung P428 19v 3.16a,, Samsung Q230 19v 3.16a,, Samsung Q318 19v 3.16a,, Samsung Q320 19v 3.16a,, Samsung Q322 19v 3.16a,, Samsung Q330 19v 3.16a,, Samsung Q428 19v 3.16a,, Samsung Qx310 19v 3.16a,, Samsung R423 19v 3.16a,, Samsung R428 19v 3.16a,, Samsung R429 19v 3.16a,, Samsung R430 19v 3.16a,, Samsung R431 19v 3.16a,, Samsung R439 19v 3.16a,, Samsung R440 19v 3.16a,, Samsung R458 19v 3.16a,, Samsung R460 19v 3.16a,, Samsung R462 19v 3.16a,, Samsung R463 19v 3.16a,, Samsung R464 19v 3.16a,, Samsung R465 19v 3.16a,, Samsung R466 19v 3.16a,, Samsung R467 19v 3.16a,, Samsung R468 19v 3.16a,, Samsung R470 19v 3.16a,, Samsung R478 19v 3.16a,, Samsung R480 19v 3.16a,, Samsung R522 19v 3.16a,, Samsung Rc410 19v 3.16a,, Samsung Rc420 19v 3.16a,, Samsung Rc425 19v 3.16a,, Samsung Rf411 19v 3.16a,, Samsung Rv408 19v 3.16a,, Samsung Rv410 19v 3.16a,, Samsung Rv508 19v 3.16a,, Samsung Sf310 19v 3.16a,, Samsung Sf311 19v 3.16a,, Samsung Sf410 19v 3.16a,, Samsung Sf411 19v 3.16a,, Samsung X330 19v 3.16a,, Samsung X331 19v 3.16a,, Samsung X430 19v,3.16a
Model idReplacement Charger for Rv420-a01 19v, 3.16a
key features
Samsung Rc410 19v 3.16a,
Samsung Rc420 19v 3.16a,
Samsung R463 19v 3.16a,
Samsung Np-R52219v 3.16a,
Samsung Nt-Sf410 19v 3.16a,
Samsung R428 19v 3.16a,
Samsung Nt-X430 19v 3.16a,
Samsung R480 19v 3.16a,
Samsung Np-R46219v 3.16a,
Samsung Np-R47019v 3.16a,
Samsung Nt-Q320 19v 3.16a,
Samsung Np-R42819v 3.16a,
Samsung Nt-Q428 19v 3.16a,
Samsung R423 19v 3.16a,
Samsung Nt-R465 19v 3.16a,
Samsung Np-Rc42519v 3.16a,
Samsung Np-Rv50819v 3.16a,
Samsung Np-Q31819v 3.16a,
Samsung Np-R45819v 3.16a,
Samsung Np-R42319v 3.16a,
Samsung Nt-R439 19v 3.16a,
Samsung Nt-R463 19v 3.16a,
Samsung Q322 19v 3.16a,
Samsung R470 19v 3.16a,
Samsung Np-X33119v 3.16a,
Samsung R431 19v 3.16a,
Samsung Np-Rv40819v 3.16a,
Samsung Nt-R423 19v 3.16a,
Samsung Np-Q33019v 3.16a,
Samsung Nt-R462 19v 3.16a,
Samsung P428 19v 3.16a,
Samsung Np-R46719v 3.16a,
Samsung Nt-R467 19v 3.16a,
Samsung Nt-Qx310 19v 3.16a,
Samsung R522 19v 3.16a,
Samsung R467 19v 3.16a,
Samsung Np-R43919v 3.16a,
Samsung Nt-R478 19v 3.16a,
Samsung R460 19v 3.16a,
Samsung X430 19v,3.16a
Samsung Nt-Q330 19v 3.16a,
Samsung R440 19v 3.16a,
Samsung Nt-Rc420 19v 3.16a,
Samsung Np-P42819v 3.16a
Samsung Np-R48019v 3.16a,
Samsung Nt-Q318 19v 3.16a,
Samsung Q320 19v 3.16a,
Samsung X330 19v 3.16a,
Compatible With : Samsung Np-P33019v 3.16a,
Samsung Nt-R480 19v 3.16a,
Samsung P330 19v 3.16a,
Samsung Qx310 19v 3.16a,
Samsung Rv508 19v 3.16a,
Samsung Nt-R468 19v 3.16a,
Samsung Nt-R428 19v 3.16a,
Samsung Rc425 19v 3.16a,
Samsung Np-R47819v 3.16a,
Samsung R462 19v 3.16a,
Samsung Nt-P230 19v 3.16a,
Samsung Np-R42919v 3.16a,
Samsung R458 19v 3.16a,
Samsung Nt-R466 19v 3.16a,
Samsung R464 19v 3.16a,
Samsung Q230 19v 3.16a,
Samsung Nt-X330 19v 3.16a,
Samsung Nt-R458 19v 3.16a,
Samsung Nt-R522 19v 3.16a,
Samsung Nt-R470 19v 3.16a,
Samsung Sf311 19v 3.16a,
Samsung Q428 19v 3.16a,
Samsung R478 19v 3.16a,
Samsung Np-R46519v 3.16a,
Samsung Nt-X331 19v 3.16a,
Samsung R465 19v 3.16a,
Samsung Np-X43019v 3.16a,
Samsung Nt-Rv508 19v 3.16a,
Samsung Nt-X431 19v 3.16a,
Samsung Np-Q42819v 3.16a,
Samsung Q330 19v 3.16a,
Samsung Np-R46619v 3.16a,
Samsung R466 19v 3.16a,
Samsung Np-Sf41119v 3.16a,
Samsung Np-X43119v 3.16a,
Samsung Rv408 19v 3.16a,
Samsung Np-R44019v 3.16a,
Samsung Sf310 19v 3.16a,
Samsung Nt-P330 19v 3.16a,
Samsung Nt-R431 19v 3.16a,
Samsung Np-Q32219v 3.16a,
Samsung Np-R46819v 3.16a,
Samsung Nt-Q322 19v 3.16a,
Samsung Nt-R430 19v 3.16a,
Samsung Np-R43019v 3.16a,
Samsung Np-Q32019v 3.16a,
Samsung Nt-R464 19v 3.16a,
Samsung Np-Rc42019v 3.16a,
Samsung Nt-R460 19v 3.16a,
Samsung Np-R46319v 3.16a,
Samsung R468 19v 3.16a,
Samsung Np-Rc41019v 3.16a,
Samsung Np-X33019v 3.16a,
Samsung Np-R43119v 3.16a,
Samsung P230 19v 3.16a,
Samsung Np-Rv41019v 3.16a,
Samsung Rf411 19v 3.16a,
Samsung Nt-Rf411 19v 3.16a,
Samsung Nt-R429 19v 3.16a,
Samsung Np-Sf31119v 3.16a,
Samsung Nt-Q230 19v 3.16a,
Samsung Rv410 19v 3.16a,
Samsung Np20019v 3.16a,
Samsung R429 19v 3.16a,
Samsung Np-Sf31019v 3.16a,
Samsung Np40019v 3.16a,
Samsung Np-R46019v 3.16a,
Samsung R439 19v 3.16a,
Samsung Nt-P428 19v 3.16a,
Samsung Np-Qx31019v 3.16a,
Samsung Nt-Rc425 19v 3.16a,
Samsung Nt-Rv408 19v 3.16a,
Samsung Np-R46419v 3.16a,
Samsung Np-Sf41019v 3.16a,
Samsung Sf410 19v 3.16a,
Samsung Nt-R440 19v 3.16a,
Samsung Np-Q23019v 3.16a,
Samsung Nt-Rv410 19v 3.16a,
Samsung X331 19v 3.16a,
Samsung Nt-Sf310 19v 3.16a,
Samsung Np-Rf41119v 3.16a,
Samsung Sf411 19v 3.16a,
Samsung R430 19v 3.16a,
Samsung Q318 19v 3.16a,
NameAxcess Replacement Charger for RV420-A01 19v,3.16a 60 Adapter
Output Current (a)3.16 a
Output Voltage (v)19 v
Power Consumption (w)60 w
Power Input220 v, 50 - 60 hz
Covered in WarrantyWarranty of the Product is Limited to Manufacturing Defects Only
Not Covered in WarrantyLaser Pick-ups and tv Picture Tubes, Audio, Damage Caused to the Product due to Improper Installation by Customer, Warranty Does not Cover any External Accessories (Such as Battery, Cable, Carrying Bag), Normal Wear and Tear to Magnetic Heads, Panel, Video
Warranty Service TypeCustomers Need to Call the Customer Care @080-40937533, and if Needed has to Ship the Adapter to the Sevice Centre Located in Bangalore
Warranty Summary1 Year India Warranty

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