Lloyd 1.5 Ton Inverter LS18DCN Split Air Conditioner

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Lloyd 1.5 Ton Inverter LS18DCN Split Air Conditioner Price in India

  • Lloyd 1.5 Ton 3 Star LS18I31AB Split Air Conditioner
    ₹38,999 ₹58990
    As on 6:09:13am 12-12-2018

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  • Lloyd 1.5 Ton 3 Star LS18I31AF/2018 (INVETER SERIES) Split Air Conditioner
    ₹38,990 ₹58990
    As on 6:12:05am 12-12-2018
  • Lloyd 1.5 Ton 3 Star LS18I31BA Inverter AC (Copper Condenser, BEE Rating 2018, White)
    ₹36,100 ₹58990
    As on 6:11:22am 12-12-2018
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  • Lloyd 1.5 Ton 3 Star LS18I3FI-O Inverter AC (Copper Condenser, BEE Rating 2017, White)
    ₹34,999 ₹43990
    No cost EMI available
    As on 6:11:22am 12-12-2018
  • Lloyd 1.5 Ton 3 Star LS19I31ID Split Air Conditioner
    ₹39,890 ₹58990
    As on 6:09:13am 12-12-2018
  • Lloyd 1.5 Ton 2 Star LS19B22FI Split Air Conditioner
    ₹29,990 ₹45990
    As on 6:11:23am 12-12-2018
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  • Lloyd 1.5 Ton Inverter Split AC (LS18FI, White)
    out of Stock
    As on 6:01:35am 12-12-2018
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  • Lloyd 1 Ton 5 Star LS13A5DA-W Split AC (Copper Condenser, BEE Rating 2017, White)
    ₹28,990 ₹30990
    As on 6:13:07am 12-12-2018
  • Lloyd 1 Ton 2 Star LS13B22AB Split AC (Copper Condenser, BEE Rating 2018, White)
    ₹25,650 ₹37990
    As on 6:10:56am 12-12-2018
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  • Lloyd 1.5 Ton 3 Star (2018) Inverter Split AC (LS18I36FI)
    ₹35,999 ₹38990
    As on 6:02:33am 12-12-2018
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  • Lloyd 1.5 Ton 2 Star LS19B20PC Split AC (Copper Condenser, BEE Rating 2018, White)
    ₹29,990 ₹45990
    As on 6:12:10am 12-12-2018
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Overview of Lloyd Inverter AC (LS18DCN 1.5 Ton)

Having a high quality and feature-rich air conditioning unit is more of a necessity than a luxury to beat the scorching heat and lead a comfortable life in the summer season. The latest model will ensure uniform and fast cooling in the room without wasting lot of energy and hence reducing the electricity bills. This is the reason that Lloyd air conditioners are preferred over other brands as they are energy efficient and have competitive pricing. Whether it is a window AC or split AC, their models offer the right combination of energy ratings and capacity to ensure that you get comfort and convenience while operating them.

About the brand

Lloyd is a well established group which is in the industry for last 60 years since the year 1957. The company provides diversified solutions in the field of Consumer electronics and Home appliances, HVAC and Engine cooling systems, commercial refrigeration systems, Window and Split AC systems, Air handling units, Industrial fans and coolers. The company is primarily into manufacturing of air conditioners, refrigerators, televisions and washing machines and has its exposure in various countries like India, Middle east and Africa.

Why should you buy Lloyd Air Conditioners?

Lloyd is a well established name in the air conditioner segment and are known for their aggressive pricing and good quality products. Its extensive range of window and split AC models are equipped with advanced and ultra-modern technologies though they are easy to operate and have simple functionality. The company offers wide range of AC models which cater to all the types of people and satisfy the needs of every household. They are reasonably priced and are well suited to provide luxury as well as comfort in our house or workplace. They are available in sleek designs in trendy as well as subtle colours which will accentuate the modern look of your home. These days the main issue is that most of the ACs are able to provide enough cooling in the room but fail to produce noiseless operation. Lloyd units produce minimalistic noise below 50dB sound level which is appropriate to all of us. They are energy efficient. Their inverter AC models consume very less power and operate pretty well in case of power failure. They have latest features and components like rotary compressors, auto-restart options and various dry modes to ensure that you stay cool, save energy and is completely satisfied with your purchase.

Features of Lloyd Inverter AC

Lloyd Inverter LS18DCN 1.5 Ton Split Air Conditioner model is one of the most popular inverter AC and is equipped with latest technology and advanced features to offer you unparallel cooling experience even in the hot summer months of the year.

  • Capacity :This model comes with a rotary compressor for great performance and provides the cooling capacity of 18000 BTU.
  • Design :It has an ergonomic design with sturdy and strong built body to ensure long life and enhanced durability. Its sparkling white exterior body will accentuate the room decor and style. The dimensions of its indoor unit are 900 x 215 x 292 mm with weight having 16kg. The outdoor unit is bulky and heavy with size of 850 x 295 x 605 mm.
  • Air filter :This AC model is equipped with efficient air filter which cleans the indoor air perfectly and throws fresh and cool air in the room. It also has Multi Folded evaporator which removes staleness and retains the freshness of the air by preventing any bacterial growth inside the room.
  • Remote control :Lloyd LS18DCN AC has a wireless LCD Remote Control. Its glow buttons are even visible under low light conditions.
  • Cooling speed :The device comes with a high quality internal threaded Copper pipe which ensures the faster and wider cooling capacity of the device. It has electronic expansion valve which maintains heat and cold for longer time duration ensuring lower energy consumption.
  • Various Modes :This cooling device has multiple modes like sleep mode, self timer and auto restart mode for user's comfort and convenience. You can save lot of energy in its night operation by choosing sleep mode. Self timer feature is also very helpful as it switches on/off the device automatically.
  • Noise level :This Lloyd inverter AC produce very less noise which is really good for your sleep throughout the night. The indoor unit produces 42 dB noise level and outdoor noise level is approximately 55 dB noise level.
  • Energy rating :The inverter AC star rated device comes with an energy rating of 3.09 EER and the power consumption is 1880 watts.
  • Additional features :The extra features included in the device are Anti bacteria filter, easy clean panel, self diagnosis, internal threaded copper pipe, electronic expansion valve, multifold evaporator, 4-way air swing and DC drive.

Types of Air conditioners

There are two types of air conditioners available in the market- window AC and split AC and the consumer can choose any of them suiting his preference, needs and budget. The window ACs are veery cheap, easy to install and can be fitted in any existing window of the room. The size can be customized by closing the side openings so that the cool air does not escape from the room and you are able to stay away from the scorching heat. They are ideal for small rooms in your apartment or house. Their cooling capacity ranges from 0.75 ton to 2 tonnage and you can choose the model based on your room size. The split AC units from Lloyd offer excellent ductless air conditioning system which offers fast and uniform cooling for your home. They can be installed anywhere and require proper installation as you need to connect the interior unit to the exterior unit. They are more energy efficient than window ac models and have advanced features like 3D air cooling technology, auto defrost and anti-mold and dew technology. They will definitely make sure that you remain calm and cool in this hot summer season. Select the models and compare their specifications and price before buying the perfect air conditioner for your home.

How to buy best Lloyd inverter AC online?

Without an AC, it is impossible to beat the summer heat in your office or home. There are numerous brands available in the market for the consumer to choose from. The foremost thing while purchasing an AC is to analyse the appliance's capacity (in tonnage) depending upon the room size. Secondly, you have to decide whether you want a window or a split AC model. Last but not the least, refer the star rating and energy consumption of the AC to reduce your electricity bills. Compare various models and go for the one offering best specs and features and cheapest Lloyd inverter ac price.

Lloyd 1.5 Ton Inverter LS18DCN Split Air Conditioner

Product Description

The distinguishing features of this air conditioner are :
Type: Split Air Conditioner
Auto Restart
Washable Filter
Easy to Clean Panel
LED Display
Tonnage: 1.5 Ton
Multi Folds Evaporator
Electronic Expansion Valve
Full Process by DC Drive
Self Diagnosis Function
Sleep Mode
High Quality Internal Threaded Copper Pipe
24 Hour Timer
Series: INVERTO (DC Inverter)

About the brand

Lloyd is an established and very popular brand in the current Indian online market scenario. Products by the brand Lloyd are available at stores like flipkart, paytmmall, snapdeal, amazon, shopclues, infibeam, industrybuying, croma. It sells various items under the categories air conditioners, tv, washing machines semi automatic, washing machines fully automatic, air purifiers, washing machines dryers.

Specifications for Lloyd 1.5 Ton Inverter LS18DCN Split Air Conditioner

key features
Series: INVERTO (DC Inverter), Type: Split Air Conditioner, Tonnage: 1.5 Ton, High Quality Internal Threaded Copper Pipe, Multi Folds Evaporator, Sleep Mode, Electronic Expansion Valve, Full Process by DC Drive, Easy to Clean Panel, Washable Filter, 24 Hour Timer, Self Diagnosis Function, Auto Restart, LED Display
NameLloyd 1.5 Ton Inverter LS18DCN Split Air Conditioner

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Super working order,, best choice in the market,, lloyd is remarkable and a good option.

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