LG launches new range of Dual Inverter ACs in India

LG Electronics has recently launched its new range of ACmodels for summer 2018 in India. This includes 59 inverter split AC models aong with the launch of its first window inverter AC. With its latest range, the company is targeting a growth of 40 per cent in the Air conditioner segment this year. These new dual inverter ACs comply with Indian Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (ISEER) ratings and will sport stylish looks and high-end features like 100 per cent copper with ocean black protection which increases product durability along with R-410 green refrigerant gas that is environment-friendly to attract the customers.

The dual-inverter technology in the ACs comes with a rotary compressor with twin rotors which results in faster cooling, high energy savings, greater stability and minimal operational noise. They consume approximately 40-50% lesser energy as compared to traditional ACs. On an average, a 1.5 ton dual inverter AC saves about 840 units in a year as compared to a 5 star split AC. They are equipped with stabilizer-free technology to lower the operational cost.

Key features of new AC range :

  1. They are equipped with Gold fin condenser and are 100% copper protected with Ocean Black to prevent gas leakage, rusting and Corrosion on the coil hence resulting in enhanced durability and longevity.
  2. They have refrigeration detection feature which detects the low refrigerant level and shut down the system after notifying the consumer.
  3. They use environment-friendly R-410 green refrigerant gas.
  4. They sport WI-Fi technology which makes the appliance suitable for today’s fast paced and connected life.
  5. They do not require stabilizer for operation hence saving your money without affecting your room decor.
  6. They have higher cooling capacity upto 52 degree celsius.
  7. They provide 10 year warranty on the compressor including gas charging.

Their inverter Split AC models (having 1 to 2 ton capacity ) are priced between Rs 40,990 to Rs 70,900. Their latest innovation is Window inverter AC models which are available in 1 to 1.5 ton capacity and priced in the range of Rs 27,990 to Rs 45,990. Their new range is the perfect combination of design and colours.

Latest range of ACs :

The latest AC range comes with the most advanced filters like cyclotron plasma which removes the dust and germs and increases the efficiency by 30%. The powerful rotary compressors in LG ACs are effective even in high temperature upto 50-55 degrees and highly suitable for Indian climatic conditions. Its multi-flow aluminium condenser is of superior quality which prevents galvanic corrosion, purifies the air by reducing CO2 emission and improvises the overall product performance. They cool the surroundings to perfection while being environment-friendly.

  • Split ACs : The LG split AC models available in the market are Inverter V, L-Stylus, L-Energia, L-Nova, L-Maxima, L-Aura, L-Tiara and L-Ultra series having the capacities between 0.75 to 2 ton and their price ranges from Rs. 42,990 to Rs.77,990. Their recently launched 5 star rated model comes in premium white colour with pattern and silver panel and also have power saving features to attract the customers.
  • Window ACs :The consumer can choose among varied window AC models from Winta, Crescent, Prima, Gratis and Bliss series which are available in multiple capacities ranging from 0.75 ton to 2 tonnage between the price range of Rs. 17,990 to Rs. 33,090/-.

The popular LG Inverter Ac models are :

  1. LG 1.5 Ton 3 Star JS Q18CPXD Dual Inverter Split AC : This LG split AC model is equipped with Monsoon Comfort technology which makes it more energy efficient by preventing overcooling during high humidity and monsoon season and reduces the energy consumption by about 36-37%. It automatically controls the fan speed to ensure comfortable room conditions & maximize energy Savings. This LG inverter ac which is priced around 36K, is best suited in hot summers.
  2. LG 1.5 Ton 3 Star JS Q18ATXD Dual Inverter Split AC :This LG JS-Q18ATXD 1.5 ton inverter AC is a perfect buy to beat the summer heat with its cool air. It comes with dual rotary compressor along with dual inverter making it robust and more durable. This 3 star rated device is environment-friendly and sport additional features such as Himalaya cool feature, monsoon comfort, Mosquito repellent, auto clean, three speed setting and auto restart which provides purified cleaner air to the users and offer them undisturbed sleep at night as well as save money.
  3. LG 1.5 Ton JS Q18BPXA Inverter Split AC :This 3 star rated LG inverter Split Air Conditioner is designed to regulate the room temperature as per your convenience. They are very suitable for medium sized rooms in home and office (having area of around 120-150 sqft). This energy-efficient model is sturdy with aluminium body and reduce the power consumption by 15-20%. It is quite cheap below 35K as its star rating is as per 2017 BEEE rating.
LG Dual inverter AC