Best Room Heaters in India for 2021

Just like hot weather conditions during summer season, surviving cold weather in winters is equally tough as they are accompanied by chilly winds in evenings and falling temperatures. You will get to witness cosy and lazy mornings and winter clothing including mufflers and gloves etc. In winters, early mornings and evenings are pretty cold, hence room heaters need to be installed in the rooms to cope up with the weather as wearing warm clothes is not sufficient. An efficient room heater is very important to stay comfortable in house and cope up with this biting cold weather without much increase in your electricity bills. They are designed using innovative heating technologies to keep the interiors warm & cosy. Before buying a room heater, you need to analyse various factors like heating system, security step, guarantee period and cost. Indian weather conditions are extreme so the consumer needs to be fully equipped to sustain these climate changes. The consumer can select the right model among wide range of leading room heater brands available in the market and online such as Inalsa, Havells, Orpat, Usha, Bajaj, Morphy Richards, Orient, Maharaja Whiteline, Fabiano, Eveready, Glen etc with high quality features.

While choosing the desired model, it is quite essential to consider various factors including heating technology, heating capacity, type of room heater, room size, power consumption, energy-efficiency, safety features, noise levels and lastly, the budget.

Heating Technology : Room heaters work on two different technologies – radiant and convection. For medium to small sized rooms, fan and oil-filled heaters equipped with convection technology are great options. However, for bigger spaces and spot heating, Infrared room heaters equipped with radiant heating technology are best suited.

Size of Room : As a thumb rule, a room heater utilizes 10W for heating 1 square foot of space. So, for heating up around 200 sq.ft, a room heater requires 2000 Watts. You can calculate the room heater capacity according to the room size.

Total Wattage = Total Square Foot Area X 10

Durability : We should buy high quality heater models to ensure great durability and enhanced longevity. Like air conditioners and air coolers, they are also bought for longer period of time.

Popular Room heater models in India 2021 :

We have curated list of most popular and finest room heater models in various capacities and accordingly, you can choose the right one based on your room size and budget.

1. Orpat OEH-1220 Fan Heater :

Orpat OEH 1220 Room Heater

Orpat is one of the leading manufacturers of electrical, electronic and household appliances since 45 years. Their OEH room heater range are of great quality, portable and durable. They are best suited for medium to small sized rooms upto 250 sqft. This Orpat heater model is quite efficient as they heat the room uniformly so you don’t need to stay close to heater. It comes with two heat settings such as 1000 watts and 2000 watts along with thermal cut off and other safety features that ensure the long life and safety of the appliance.

Pros: Great functioning, light weight, compact, strong build, efficient, low noise

Cons: Not suited for bigger rooms.


2. Morphy Richards OFR 09 Oil filled Radiator :

morphy richards 09

This OFR model comes with stylish design which accentuates the room decor. It is equipped with 9 radiator fins with adjustable thermostat to maintain desired room temperature during harsh winter season. Its safety thermal cut off option will automatically switch it off when it reaches a maximum temperature range and thereby providing protection against the thermal overheating. It consumes 2000 watt power for steady and uninterrupted operation and can effectively heat the small or medium sized rooms upto 200-250 sqft. It is portable and comes with 4 castor wheels (two front and two back) with mounting plate for easy mobility between the rooms.

Pros: Adjustable thermostat setting, portability, 9 fin oil filled radiator.

Cons: High pricing.


3. Usha HC 812T Heat convector:

Usha HC 812T Room heater

This is one of the best room heater model available in the Indian market. It consumes around 2000 Watt of power and comes with three heat settings and two fan speed options which enables the consumer to adjust the temperature as per requirement. For better safety, it has an in-built thermal cut-out feature which protects it from excessive voltage fluctuations. The additional advanced features include an in-built fan which comes with twin blade features for better heat dissipation and a copper conductor in its cords.

Pros: Highly efficient, extra safety features, in-built fan


4. Orpat ORH-1410 Radiant heater :

Orpat ORH 1410 Radiant heater

This 1000 watt Orpat radiant heater is compact and stylishly designed with nickel chrome mesh grill and bright nickel chrome plated reflector. It is portable, light in weight and uses infrared technology to produce heat ensuring that you remain comfortable in cold weather. It is best suited to heat the small to mid-sized rooms upto 150 sqft.

Pros: Long life heating element, Features a safety mesh grill

Cons: Not suitable for large rooms, Fan makes lot of noise.


5. Havells OFR 11Fin Room Heater :

Havells OFR 11FIN Oil Filled Room Heater

This 2900 Watt Oil filled Room heater is the most sought after heater model available in the market. It comes in three power settings and ranges between 1000/1500/2500 watts and an additional 400 watts for heater and fan. It is built with overheat protection which protects the appliance from getting damaged in case of any accidents or mishap. The thermostatic heat control feature in the device is used to regulate the temperature.

Best room heaters in India 2021