Samsung launches Triple Inverter ACs in India

Indian summers have arrived and to beat the high soaring temperatures, Samsung has recently expanded its lineup of air conditioners by launching its new 2019 series powered with Triple Inverter technology to ensure faster cooling and lower electricity consumption. The new range of these Samsung air conditioner models will provide cool and comfortable environment even in extreme hot temperatures upto 54 degree Celsius. They are equipped with Durafin condensers, a convertible mode and contemporary design. They have been designed keeping in mind the consumer’s needs and expectations and offer complete value of money in terms of energy efficiency, cooling capabilities, durability, innovative technology and impressive design. The new series will allow the consumers to change the cooling capacity according to the number of people in the room and comes with triple warranty benefits such as 10 years warranty on compressor, 5 years warranty on Durafin condenser and newly introduced 2 years warranty on PCB Controller on both Indoor and Outdoor units.

Samsung Triple Inverter ACs 2019 : Features

  1. Triple Inverter Technology :These latest lineup ACs come with cutting-edge Triple Inverter technology which runs on an Advanced Digital Inverter 8-pole Motor resulting in enhanced energy efficiency and reduced power consumption. This latest series is powered by the Power Boost technology which produces less torque fluctuations hence ensuring more effective and efficient operation with minimal noise and vibration.
  2. Convertible Mode :The new Samsung ACs will be equipped with advanced ‘Convertible Mode’ which will enable the users to change the cooling capacity based on the number of people present in the room. This helps in saving the energy if there is only a single user sitting inside the room as Convertible mode uses less compressor capacity and thus reduces the power consumption. Using this mode, a 2 ton AC can be converted to function as a 1.5 ton AC, 1.5 ton AC can be converted to 1 ton AC and similarly, a 1 ton AC can be converted to 0.8 ton AC using this feature and so on.
  3. Durafin Condensers :These Samsung ACs have anti-corrosion Durafin condensers are supported by Multi Jet+ technology making them suitable for Indian climatic conditions hence resulting in faster cooling, reducing condenser leakage and enhanced durability to the consumers. As compared to conventional regular condenser models, they exchange 5 times more heat.
  4. Contemporary Design :Like all its other models, Samsung has incorporated new contemporary and stylish pattern designs in its latest models to blend well with the room decor and aesthetics. The company has also introduced a new variant with floral pattern named as Camellia in its 2019 AC series.

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The 2019 lineup of Samsung air conditioners will be available in India at a price starting from Rs 45,000 and will go upto Rs 75,000. There will be 36 models with varying tonnage, energy rating (3 star or 5 stars) and materials (PFC or Copper). The prime benefit of buying these ACs is faster cooling, optimum energy efficiency and enhanced durability.

samsung launches triple inverter acs