Top 5 Air Coolers for your home

If you want an affordable and effective solution to beat the summer heat, then air coolers are the best suitable option for every consumer. You can choose from the various models and brands available in the market.
There are various types of coolers available in the market (though the basic principle of working remains same for all) :

How to buy the Right Air Cooler for your home?

Air coolers, also referred as EVAPORATIVE/ DESERT AIR COOLERS , are cheaper and efficient way of cooling a room. They work well in dry areas but are not effective in humid climates. Though the air conditioners have replaced air coolers these days, but the people still prefer to use Best cooler for home as they have lot of advantages of air coolers that have maintained their popularity in the market.

Here are few tips to help you buy the BEST COOLER FOR HOME for your house:

Top 5 high-end Smartphones of 2016

The latest flagship smartphones available in Indian smartphone market are equipped with high-end specifications like 4GB/6GB RAM, 4K screen resolution, 16MP/21MP rear camera, robust configuration and powerful battery. With multiple options available in the market, it has become really difficult for the buyer to take a right decision. We provide the list of top 5 smartphones with high-end features in India which offer the perfect combination of performance and features :

Top Upcoming Mobiles expected to launch in India in 2017

Since Indian smartphone market is one of the most rapidly growing ones in the global market, the mobile manufacturers are launching new models every other day in different price ranges and specifications. We will be witnessing numerous smartphone model launches in the coming year 2017. Hence if you are thinking to upgrade your phone, you need to wait for the new devices to be released in India in the next year 2017. They are expected to have better specifications like powerful processor, 4GB RAM, advanced operating system and more.


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