Top 10 Latest Split Air-conditioners for your home


It is getting hot day by day? Hence an air-conditioner seems to be a really good option in summers to beat the scorching heat. It is a most important and a must-have home appliance in every household to provide effective cooling solutions and remain cool and fresh throughout the day. Air-conditioners contribute to the major part of electricity bill in every household. Hence, buying an energy efficient air-conditioner becomes really important to cut down your electricity bills and reducing power consumption. Split AC's are better than window AC in terms of better cooling efficiency and less power consumption. They also produce less noise but their initial cost is high. Split AC with 5 star rating are the best selling and more energy-efficient, though they are highly priced initially but are definitely better in the long run. There are multiple types and brands of air-conditioners that are available in the market these days. It is very important to choose the right Split AC according to your room size as higher capacity AC in small room will not be able to remove humidity properly whereas low cooling capacity AC in bigger room will increase the electricity consumption as it will keep running all the time. Hence selecting the right Air-conditioner matching your room size, preference, cooling requirement becomes a challenging task.

We have shortlisted top 10 split air-conditioners for your home :

1. Daikin 1.5 Ton Inverter FTKP50PRV16 Split Air Conditioner : Daikin 1.5 Ton Inverter FTKP50PRV16 split AC has 1.5 ton (5000W) cooling capacity and consumes 1445 Watt power for efficient functioning and cooling. It comes with a Inverter star rating and work properly during long power cuts as well. They have EER (Energy Efficiency rating) of 3.46 and produces indoor noise level of 40 dB. They are powered by Hermetically Sealed Swing Type compressor to provide great cooling in each and every corner of the room. The are euipped with multiple advanced features like 5 speed setting, auto restart, timer mode, sleep mode, power chill feature and auto swing function to provide great comfort to the consumers and remain cool and pleasant during hot summers. It is priced at 39,800.

2. Voltas 1.5 Ton 3 Star 183 CY Split Air Conditioner : Voltas 1.5 Ton 3 Star 183 CY Split Air Conditioner has a 1.5 tonnage cooling capacity with a 3 star rating and requires 1555 W power consumption. Its indoor unit is not heavy and weighs only 10 kg. It features high EER (3.15 W/W) rotary compressor and environment-friendly R-22 refrigerant to provide high cooling efficiency and less electricity consumption. It also comes with anti-dust and anti-bacterial filter for prevention against dust particles and harmful bacteria. This split AC sports a LED panel display along with LCD remote control to adjust the temperature and timer settings. It is reasonably priced at a price around 28,000.

3. LG 1.5 Ton 3 Star LSA5PW3M/3A Split Air Conditioner : LG 1.5 Ton 3 Star LSA5PW3M/3A split AC has 1.5 ton cooling capacity with power consumption of 1460 Watt and has few great features which makes it a value buy. It has 3 star rating with high EER which leads to effective cooling and power saving. It is equipped with Rotary compressor along with environment-friendly R-22 refrigerant. It is best suited for medium sized rooms of around 10x15 sqft. It has dual protection filter and 3m micro protection filter to prevent the entry of unwanted particles inside the air-conditioner. It consumes less power 1460 Watt and comes with vrarious operation modes like sleep mode, sweet dreamz mode for disturbance-free and sound sleep at night. It is reasonably priced at 25,500.

4. Godrej 1.5 Ton 5 Star GSC 18FG6 WNG Split Air Conditioner : Godrej 1.5 Ton 5 Star GSC 18FG6 WNG Split AC is a white coloured with leaf which is equipped with 1.5 ton (5000W) cooling capacity and is 5 star rated split air-conditioner to reduce power consumption. It is highly energy efficient, consuming around 1350 W of power. It also requires 4KVA stabilizer so as to avoid voltage fluctuations. It comes with various operating modes like Turbo mode to provide quick chilling, sleep mode and timer mode to ensure that you get disturbance-free and relaxed sleep throughout the night. It features dust filter and anti-bacterial filter so that we get dust-free and pure air. It is priced at around Rs. 40,000 but greatly reduces your electricity bills due to its power efficiency.

5. Voltas 1.2 Ton 5 Star 155 CY Split Air Conditioner : This Voltas split AC is 5 star rated, has 1.2 tonnage (4000W) cooling capacity and requires 1126 W power for its operation. It is sufficient to cool bedrooms or small living rooms. It comes with multiple operating modes for consumer's comfort like Dual Temperature Display, child lock, Fungus-proof, auto swing, LCD Remote. It has a rotary compressor with high EER (3.55W/W) to give highly effective cooling solution in hot summers. It has blue Hydrophilic Aluminium Fin instead of copper part which slightly affects the longevity of AC. It features Acaro Bacterium (Red), Catechin, Silver Ion filters to maximise the purity of air recieved, hence maintaining a healthy and fresh atmosphere. It is priced at 27,000 and has 5 years warranty for the compressor.

6. Blue Star 1.5 Ton 5 Star 5HW18SA1 Split Air Conditioner : Blue Star 1.5 Ton 5 Star 5HW18SA1 split AC model has 1.5 tonnage (5260 W) cooling capacity, is 5 star rated with technically advanced features and consuming 1500 Watt power. It is powered with Rotary compressor which generates large amount of cool air quickly. It has a hyrdrophilic aluminium louvered fins for the evaporator and the condenser respectively. It is highly energy efficient and will throw large amounts of cool air for longer time duration without increasing your power bills. It uses various filters like Anti-Acarien, Vitamin-C, Anti-Dust and Active Carbon filter which frees the air from any harmful toxins. For consumer's convenience and comfort, it is equipped with various features like auto-start, auto-timer, self diagnosis and memory feature to record and save important air cooling settings for future reference. The initial cost of this model is Rs. 34,466, which is little high but its energy-efficiency will save lot of money on electricity bills, hence will be beneficial in long run. The cost of this model is 34,490.

7. Hitachi 1.5 Ton 5 Star Sugoi RAU518HUDD Split Air Conditioner : Hitachi is a popular and well-known brand in India and deals in high quality and energy-efficient air-conditioners. This 5 star rated air-conditioner by Hitachi has 1.5 ton cooling capacity with environment-friendly R-22 refrigerant. It has a rotary compressor which has high EER (Energy efficiency rating) of 3.64 W/W and consumes 1495 Watt of power consumption. It features various operation modes like Dry mode, Cool mode, auto power saver mode, timer mode for consumer's comfort and convenience. It comes with various advanced features that make it a value buy like Wireless LCD Remote with digital display, Defrosting Sensor, Filter Clean Indicator, Lower Pull Down Time, Low Derating and Automatic Fan Speeds. It is priced at Rs. 40,400 and is expensive than similar model of other brand but it is really worth spending that extra money for the kind of features you are getting.

8. Hitachi 1 Ton Inverter Ace RAU013EUEA Split Air Conditioner : Inverter AC's are relatively new in the market as compared to non-inverter air-conditioners but their initial cost is high. They are very energy-efficient as they consume 30%-40% less power than other AC's and hence saving your electricity bills. They are highly beneficial if you are using air-conditioner throughout the year, hence reducing the running cost. They also work effectively during power cuts as they take very less startup voltage and is not affected by voltage fluctuations. Hitachi 1 Ton Inverter Ace RAU013EUEA Split Air Conditioner has a cooling capacity of 1 tonnage and consumes 945 Watt power. With its Tropical inverter technology and 4-way Air Swing feature, it proves to be a wise purchase as it provides highly efficient and uniform cooling solutions. It comes with multiple advanced features like Asymmetric louver movement, filter clean indicator, defrosting sensor, selectable fan speeds, Auto power saver mode, timer mode, wireless LCD remote etc to provide best comfort level to consumers. It is available at a price of Rs. 50,000.

9. Videocon 1.5 ton 5 Star vsd55 wv1 mda Spilt Air conditioner : Videocon 1.5 ton 5 Star vsd55 wv1 mda Spilt AC is 1.5 ton , 5 star rated air-conditioner with great features like Thermistor temperature control, 4 way air deflection, multiple fan speed settings, electronic operation control. It comes with types of filters like Cold Catalytic Filter, Carbon filter, anti-bacterial filter (which kills bacteria and removes the dust particles) and Vitamin C filter to provide fresh, odourless and germ-free purified air. It has auto restart mode and turbo mode to provide the cool air uniformly throughout the room. It is priced at around Rs. 30,000.

10. Lloyd 1 Ton 5 Star LS13A5LN Split Air Conditioner : Lloyd are popular for manufacturing the high quality and energy-efficient air-conditioners. Lloyd 1 Ton 5 Star LS13A5LN Split Air Conditioner has 1 ton cooling capacity and is 5 star rated AC with high EER of 3.54W/W , consuming only 945 Watt power hence saving your electricity bills. It comes with multiple features like assymetrical louver movement, auto defrost, Anti Mildew, multi-dimensional air cooling to provide uniform cooling solutions at each and every corner of the room. It is highly recommended that a 3 KVA (8 Amps) stabilizer is used with AC in order to prevent any kind of damage against voltage fluctuations. It is reasonably priced at 26,000.