Price Lists Of Laptops In India

Tips to Buy a New Laptop

A laptop is a portable and handy personal computer which has a display screen and keyboard and is battery powered. Its size is even smaller than a briefcase and is majorly used during travelling. Selecting the right laptop suiting your requirement is a very challenging task.

You should identify the purpose of buying a laptop, whether it is for business, gaming or for web browsing.

  1. Gaming Laptops : Gaming laptops should have high resolution display, large RAM and good processing power to give user a rich gaming experience.
  2. Business Laptops : For business purpose, you need rugged and easy to carry laptops with good features, updated Intel Core i5 processors, excellent battery life and lot of connectivity options. Apple Macbook Pro, Dell Latitude, Lenovo Thinkpad series, Toshiba Kirabook, HP Elitebook and HP Ultrabook are suitable for travellers.
  3. Family Laptops : These types of laptops are basically, suitable for whole family and are perfect for daily and basic activities like web browsing, sharing pictures, doing homework, emailing, writing word documents and playing basic games. Look out for medium-priced laptop with decent features.

Here is the list of specifications to be considered while buying a good laptop :

  1. RAM (Random Access Memory) :RAM is the formost thing to be considered while selecting a laptop. More RAM leads to efficient working of various tasks simultaneously. For video editing, image changes and 3D gaming, at least 4 GB RAM is required for smooth working experience. 2 GB RAM can only satisfy your basic needs like internet surfing, normal office works, emailing. For professional users, one should go for 8 GB RAM in case of 3D/2D graphic designing and more.
  2. CPU Processor : Always go for latest and updated version of processor with higher speed for better performance of computer. More the number of cores in the processor, smoother and better is the performance of laptop.
  3. Display Screen: Good quality screen is always advisable for better viewing. Smaller screen sized laptop is very portable and easy to carry. 14 inch-16 inch size is very good enough for all purposes. If you have higher resolution works, then go for bigger sized screens like 17 inch or more.
  4. Storage: Go for at least 500GB to 750 GB of disk space, considering the users work requirement. For gaming purposes, you should opt for high storage spaces like 8GB or more as games require lot of disk space.
  5. Brand : While choosing a laptop, go for good reputed brand manufacturers like Lenovo, HP, Compaq, Asus, Acer, Apple, HCL, Samsung, Sony, Toshiba or Dell. They provide good service and quality.