Price Lists Of Washing Machines In India

Are you confused which washing machine to buy?

Washing machine, also called laundry machine, is used to wash clothes, bed linen etc. Deciding which washing machine will suit your needs, is a major task. There are mainly two types of washing machines found in the market- Front loading washing machine and Top loading washing machine.
  1. Front loading washing machine : Front loading machines have horizontal-axis clothes washer and in this, inner basket and tub are mounted in horizontal direction. Clothes are put from the front of the window and tub spins in horizontal direction. There is no agitator to push the clothes back and forth into the soapy water, rather it is the movement of tub which leads to lifting of clothes back and again into the water. Earlier, these machines were mainly used for commercial usage but off-late, they are gaining popularity and being used in households as well. They are comparatively more expensive but are energy efficient and utilise less power than top loading washing machines. Front loading machines use less water quantity due to its horizontal washing action and thus uses less energy. They also spin faster than top loading machines , hence clothes get dried in less time span.
  2. Top loading washing machine : Top loading washing machines are more conventional and commonly used in Indian househols. They use vertical-axis clothes washer and in this, tub and drier are mounted in vertical direction. They use big agitator in the middle that pushes the clothes back and forth into sopay water and then through clean water to take out the detergent. Clothes are put from the top and tub spins in vertical direction. But nowadays, high-efficiency top loading machines are also available which use less water and electricity than conventional top loading machines. Water level can also be adjusted in latest machines which are available in market.

Note: Though front load washing machines are expensive but they are gaining popularity among households because of their excellent washing performance, water and energy efficiency, large capacity, and a relatively noise free and quiet operation. Hence people are not bothered about initial cost as they save lot of money on power bills during regular usage. Only drawback is that it is available in few models like IFB, GE, Electrolux, LG , to name a few. The popular brands dealing in top loading machines are Videocon, LG, Whirlpool, Samsung, IFB, Dell, Electrolux, Godrej, Haier, Panasonic , Onida, Bosh, Kelvinator etc.