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Samsung Refrigerator Price - Samsung Convertible Refrigerator Price

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View latest Price List of Samsung Refrigerators in India as on 16 Jan 2018 at 3:18pm. There are 568 Samsung Refrigerators in the price list. Along with the lowest prices in India, you can view product specifications, reviews, ratings, images, price chart and more. Most popular and best selling product in this category is Samsung 255 Litres RT26H3000PX Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator. The cheapest of Refrigerators from Samsung is Samsung 192 Litres RR19M14A2VJ/RR19M24A2VJ Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator of Rs. 10490/- and costliest is Samsung 690 Litres RF28K9380SG/TL Frost Free Side By Side Door Refrigerator for Rs. 250000/-. All Samsung Refrigerators prices are in Indian Rupees, they have been collected from various online stores and are valid across Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Surat and other cities for online purchases. The price shown here is the best price found for each item and will help you select the Samsung Refrigerators available India that fit your budget.

About the Brand

Samsung makes products in various categories like printers, microwave ovens, refrigerators, washing machines fully automatic, tv, washing machines semi automatic, mobiles, tablets, mobile chargers, air conditioners, headphones and earphones, smart watches, mobile batteries, cameras, desktop computer external hard disks, laptops, home theaters, mobile memory cards, smart headphones, mobile power banks, mobile headphones and headsets, desktop computer monitors, mobile cases and covers, air purifiers, speakers, laptop pen drives, video players, mobile screen guards, mobile car kits, laptop bags, smart glasses and vr headsets, smart bands, various, washing machines dryers. It is an established and very popular brand available online in India. Samsung made items are sold online at stores like croma, ebay, amazon, snapdeal, rediff, shopclues, naaptol, tatacliq, flipkart, aliexpress, infibeam, paytmmall, samsung, myntra, paytm, pepperfry, industrybuying, homeshop18, ajio.

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Samsung Refrigerator Price - Samsung Convertible Refrigerator Price

Latest Samsung Refrigerator ModelsAvailable From
Samsung 255 Litres RT26H3000PX Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator₹19,999
Samsung 253 Litres RT28K3343D2 Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator₹24,373
Samsung 253 Litres RT28K3343R2 Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator₹22,310
Samsung 253 Litres 2 Star Frost Free Refrigerator₹20,399
Samsung 253 Litres RT28M3022S8 Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator₹20,399
Samsung 192 Litres 2 Star Direct Cool Refrigerator₹11,999
Samsung 192 Litres RR19M2712RJ/RR19M1712RJ Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator₹11,999
Samsung 192 Litres 5 Star RR19K173ZUZ Single Door Refrigerator₹16,600
Samsung 275 Litres RT30M3043UT Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator₹25,499
Samsung 321 Litres RT34M3053S8 Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator₹28,990

Samsung Refrigerator price & Overview

Refrigerators are one of the most important kitchen appliance in every household. They keep the perishable food items like meat, vegetables and meat fresh and healthy for a longer period of time and protects the food from bacteria, fungi and other dust particles. The average life span of any refrigerator is between 10-15 years. If you wish to buy a new refrigerator then since last decade, the technology, specifications, design, performance and prices have all changed. The latest refrigerators models are available in different capacities varying from 190 litres to 890 litres of various reputed brands like LG, Whirlpool, Godrej, Haeir and Samsung. For instance, Samsung refrigerator price has been increased by around 20-25% owing to high inflation rate and additional features. Samsung has recently introduced the new and latest range of advanced Samsung Convertible Refrigerator with power freeze feature in which the consumer can get the ice cubes to suit every budget and requirement. They feature revolutionary Dual Fan technology with convertible freezer which provides flexible storage whose freezer can be converted to fridge and back to freezer thus creating additional space upto 88 litres for storing fresh food in different seasons. Samsung Convertible Refrigerator has 4 star rating and most energy efficient leading to low electricity consumption and running cost.

About Samsung brand

The South Korean multinational giant, Samsung was founded back in 1938 and is considered to be one of the leading consumer electronic products manufacturer in the recent times. The company incorporates innovative and advanced technologies along with smart and intelligent features in its wide range of products such as televisions, tablets, smartphones, cameras, computers, refrigerators, washing machines, microwave ovens and much more. It offers reliable and affordable Samsung refrigerator prices to the consumers in multiple colours and designs like side-by-side door, bottom freezer models, double door and single door models. Samsung refrigerator prices in India ranges between Rs 10,000 to Rs 2,50,000. Samsung is being nominated as the No. 1 brand in Consumer electronics category since last few years in the survey conducted by a popular Consumer magazine. This extensive evaluation is being made on the basis of the cooling speed, temperature control and optimization as well as the storage space in the equipment.

  1. Samsung has become popular among all the groups for its diversified range of products used for various purposes like washing, cooling the room, eating, drinking, talking on phone and more.
  2. The company is increasing its presence in the Indian market by engaging and investing in the social media.
  3. With its meaningful innovation and advance technology, Samsung can easily cater to the diverse consumer needs and preferences of Indian consumers.
  4. Samsung refrigerators offer fast cooling so as to keep the food fresh across the shelves. The user can also benefit from additional space and temperature stability.

Features of Samsung Refrigerators :

Their unique features make them stand out and differentiate them from other brand models.

  • Digital Inverter Compressor : They are the most advanced and are preferred over the reciprocating compressor in the conventional models as they produce minimal noise and save electricity.
  • Cool Pack : All the latest refrigerator models are equipped with Cool pack technology which ensures that the food remain cool for minimum 8 hrs even after the power is switched off.
  • Digital Temperature Control : All the fridges models have digital control for regulating the temperature so that you can set the desired temperature for the food's safety.
  • LED Lighting : They come with bright and well-lit illumination through energy efficient LED lights. You can also set the light over water dispenser soas to easily get the water even at late night.
  • Flexible Configurations : For the maximum space utilisation, the fridges are equipped with adjustable compartments which can be rearranged suiting your needs.
  • Power Chill : The high-end models have a special mode which can speed up the chilling process and cool the food quickly and uniformly. This is very beneficial when you have party at home or uninvited guests over a holiday meal.
  • Multiple Temperature Zones : This feature is better than accurate temperature control. Since you keep variety of foods in the fridge and all of them need to be kept at different temperatures, the premium models have the flexibility to set the multiple temperature zones individually. or instance, you can keep cold non-veg items at 30 degree fahrenheit and fruits and vegetables at 40 degree fahrenheit.
  • Wi-Fi® and Connectivity : These are smart refrigerator models which can be made compatible with smartphones using Wi-Fi so that you can monitor your power usage. You will get alert if the door is left open.
  • Sliding shelves : The slide out shelves are easy to use and you can access the food items conveniently.

About Samsung Convertible Refrigerator :

Samsung Smart Convertible 5-in-1 Refrigerator is equipped with smart digital compressor which makes it highly energy efficient and durable. It is designed keeping in mind the unique storage needs of every Indian consumer hence offering them great convenience and comfort. It is good and worthy buy as it helps in saving the electricity bills, retain uninterrupted cooling and keeps the food fresh and tasty even during power cuts. With this, Samsung has widened its exposure in the home appliances category. They are perfect for fast cooling across the shelves so as to maintain the freshness of the food. This convertible refrigerator has 5 multiple conversion modes like Normal, Extra shopping, Vacation, Seasonal and Home Alone mode. If you have already done lots of shopping, then just convert your freezer into the fridge with 'Extra Shopping Mode'. If you are going out on a vacation, then switch on the 'Vacation mode' which automatically turns off the fridge section so that all the food items are stored in the freezer. 'Home Alone' mode switches off the fridge and converts freezer section into the fridge as there is very limited food stuff which needs to be stored. During the change of season, just switch the 'Seasonal Mode' keeping only the fridge on and switching off the freezer. This way we can maintain the right temperature and humidity level upto 70% throughout the fridge which can keep the food fresh for upto 7 days. Besides addressing the different storage needs of the consumer, these conversion modes also save energy and money spent on electricity bills.

Benefits of Samsung Convertible Refrigerator 5-in-1 :

  1. Additional fridge space : By pressing the button, you can easily convert the freezer into the fridge whenever you want. Hence you will never face any shortage of space.
  2. Energy efficient : It comes with Home alone mode which can save the energy upto 75% which is quite a lot.
  3. Stays Clean : The refrigerator stays clean and hygienic as the filter on the fan thoroughly sterilises the air passing through it.
  4. Quick Cooling : They have Power cool feature which can result in the faster cooling of the refrigerator by about 31%.
  5. Keeps food fresh : It retains the freshness of the stored fruits and vegetables and maintains the humidity level by releasing the moisture cyclically.
  6. Faster ice making : Its power freeze feature speeds up the ice making by about 31%. In practically no time, you get lot of ice cubes.

Why choose Samsung Refrigerator?

  • You want to buy a new refrigerator or you are planning to remodel your kitchen, then Samsung offers an extensive collection of contemporary refrigerator models with a modern designs with impressive interiors, vibrant colours and feel. It is the most trustworthy brand for its reliability, dependability, credibility, aesthetics and contemporary look. The consumer gets to choose among the various styles, sizes and designs based on their requirement, budget, space in the kitchen and preferences. For bigger families, they are available in capacities over 500 ltr with multiple shelves and door storage options based on superior cooling technology.
  • Their top-of-line refrigerator models come with metal and triple cooling technology and feature panels made up of stainless steel which ensures that the temperature inside refrigerator remains consistent. They are also equipped with two compressors and three evaporators to regulate the humidity. They are probably the first one in the refrigerator segment to have such advanced features.
  • They have wide range of slim and reasonable entry-level models to suit your needs. All of them have latest features which reduces power consumption and electricity bills.

How to select the best model of Samsung Refrigerator?

  • Space : Firstly measure the dimensions (height, width and length) of the space where you need to put the refrigerator and also take a note of free space required for opening the doors. After the measuring the size, calculate the capacity of fridge depending upon the number of members in the family and their food habits that whether they need bigger freezer compartment for storing frozen items or not. Accordingly you can choose the desired model. You can also compare Samsung refrigerator price with models of other reputed brands and make right buying decision.
  • Built and Design : There are latest designs of fridge having stainless steel finish or ice and cold water dispenser. They are quite expensive, come with french door, triple fresh cooling and are equipped with Digital Inverter technology. These Samsung refrigerator price ranges from 1 lac to 1.75 lac.
  • Different Types : The refrigerators are classified into various types : Top-Freezer , Bottom-freezer, Side-by-Side refrigerator and French door model with ice and water dispenser. Top freezer model is the most commonly used in the regular households.
  • Accessibility : While purchasing the refrigerator, make sure that all the stored food items are easily accessible. For instance, if you use the freezer quite often then go for Top freezer model, otherwise opt fot Bottom freezer model. If you open the fridge very frequently, then side-by-side models is best suited. For storing bigger items like pizza boxes or big platters, go for french door model.

Different models of Samsung Refrigerator :

Samsung offers huge variety of refrigerator models to cater to the different refrigeration needs of the consumers. Choose the right one suiting your family size and needs.

  1. Double door refrigerator : These models offer maximum storage capacity and come with two seperate doors- one for freezer and other one for fridge section. They have multiple adjustable shelves made up of toughened glass to store food items. The vegetable and fruit drawers are used to store perishable items to increase their life and quality. they big guards and utility guards to store big water bottles, dairy items like butter, eggs and yoghurt. They do not allow cool air to escape leading to conservation of energy and are ideal for bigger families.
  2. Single door refrigerator : These models are compact and best suited in case you have limited space in your home or kitchen. They have a freezer section inside and a chilling tray to store dairy products. There are small shelves on the swing door to keep butter, pickles, jams, sauces, beverage bottles and more. They are suitable for a nuclear family of maximum four members and they can also be used in small grocery shops, retail outlets and offices. They come in the capacity ranging from 120 litres to 250 litres. They have inbuilt stabilizers to ensure safety and are energy efficient as well.
  3. French door : They provide ample storage space to store numerous food items and beverages without worrying. They are equipped with advanced technologies like Digital Inverter Technology and Triple Fresh Cooling Technology to ensure freshness, lower energy consumption and operation during power failure on inverter. It features CoolSelect Plus compartment to provide four different settings to preserve food at optimal temperature. Other helpful features included are door alarm, freezer lamp etc.
  4. Side by Side Refrigerator : They have attractive design, elegant looks and complements your kitchen. They have Twin cooling system which ensures uniform cooling throught the appliance to retain the freshness of stored food items. They have multiple ice and water dispensers to get chilled water quickly and reduces the loss of cool air as you do not have to open the door every time to take water or ice. they have lot of storage space as compared to conventional models. The latest features included in these models are Power Cool, Door Alarm, LED Display, Digital Inverter Technology, Twist Ice Maker and smart sensors.
  5. Direct Cool Refrigerators : They are the basic models which use natural convection method to keep the stored food items cool and fresh. They are compact, energy efficient, provide great freezing performance and come with auto defrost options.
  6. Multi-door Refrigerators : They are multi-functional and have seperate compartments for fruits, vegetables, dairy items and drinks so that all of them remain cool according to their desired temperature. They use less energy without worrying about your power bills and deliver superior cooling.
  7. Food Showcase Fridges : They are very well designed having six seperate compartments to provide easy access to all the stored food items. The exterior as well as interior showcases enables you to easily pick the frequently used items. Its features include metal cooling, stainless steel water and ice dispensers, high efficiency LED lighting.