Price Lists Of Shoes In India

Tips on buying the right shoes for your feet

Buying shoes online can be extremely tricky sometimes. The best idea is to try on the same pair in a store to ensure that it provides comfort and then buy it online at a best deal. But if you already had purchased shoes from a specific brand , then go ahead and buy it online without worry as most the online portals provide 30-day easy returns and full refund policy as well.

You should follow size chart carefully and don not buy a size smaller or larger than your shoe size. It is very important to buy right shoe size otherwise it may cause corns or bone spurs in your feet. Different brands have different sizes, hence always measure your feet before buying shoes or sneakers and order size according to size chart of that particular brand.

Here are few things to be considered while buying shoes:

  1. It is generally advisable to measure your feet in the evening or at the end of the day to get right shoe fit because feet swells up due to blood and fluid accumulation after full day activities.
  2. Trace your foot on a piece of paper to determine right shoe size. The length of the foot is measured from the longest toe to heel and width of foot is measured from left to right.
  3. If you plan to wear socks with the shoes you plan to purchase, then measure the feet along with that pair of socks.
  4. Measure both feet. Use the measurements of larger foot to buy the shoes.
  5. The online shoe size descriptions are usually given in UK and US size. If you know your UK size, then just add two to the same number and you get US size.
  6. Structure of shoe and width of feet also plays vital role in shoe selection. If you have wider foot and you are going for pointed shoe, then opt for one size bigger for comfort and to avoid foot pains.
  7. Also choose slightly bigger size than your shoe size if you are purchasing sports shoes or sneakers as while running, your feet needs extra comfort.
  8. If you have an option to choose from leather and rexine, then go for soft leather and suede as though it will be more expensive but there will be a huge difference in comfort.
  9. TIP: Apply deodorant or talcum powder to the heel of your foot to prevent blisters as they serve as lubricant and your foot can move freely in the shoe and there are no blisters or marks due to friction.

    The shoes are categorized into various types like boots, sport shoes, formal shoes, sneakers, sandals, floaters, loafers, flip-flops,heels, wedges, stilettos, to name few. The popular shoe brands are Woodland, Lee cooper, Catwalk, Inc. 5, Red Tape, Carlton London, Clarks, Miss Bennett, Nike, Adidas, Reebok, Action, Bata etc.