Price Lists Of Massagers In India

How to select a Right Massager and shop online?

Massager is an instrument used to rejuvenate the body after a stressful day full of activities by relaxing the muscles, increasing the blood circulation and tension relief techniques without the effort of visiting a spa, salon or a massage center. They are used for massaging head , foot, back, knee or any part of the body for instant relief and comfort.

Whether you are purchasing the massager for professional or personal use, but do check out the features and specifications of the massage products suiting your requirement, budget and health condition. Price-hunt compiles the list of massagers by all major brands, compare their prices along with their specifications and provides the best price to benefit your online shopping experience. The popular brands of massagers include Babyliss, Beurer, Deemark, Healthline, Healthsense, Milagrow, Omron, Ogawa, Nova, Osim, Ozomax, Oto, Masanima, Jsb, Panasonic, Scholl, Squirrel, Zingalalaa, Wahl etc.

Sometimes, due to long working hours, erratic and hectic schedules, wrong body posture, lifting heavy items, extended walk and long distance driving can lead to more tense muscles and pain in certain areas of the body. Massagers are available in various shapes, sizes and types, each one of them focussing on different parts of the body.

There are different types of massagers as follows, each of them designed for specific purpose and location :
  1. Massage chair : Massage chair is electric powered chair with cushions used for massages. It gives a spa-like feeling and relax your body completely. It requires electronic motor and vibrators to massage and comes with various controls and heat seatings to customise the massage according to individual preference and intensity. It also has recline option and head rest to relax different parts ofthe body.
  2. Hand-held massager : This type of massager can be motorized as well as manual. They are used to massage the localised areas like neck, shoulder, calves, head (which cannot be reached otherwise) and roll over the skin. They are made up of different materials like plastic, jade, wood and rubber. They use a cord or battery to operate and relax the muscles by increasing the blood circulation of certain affected areas and fastens the healing process.
  3. Leg massager : In this type of massage, thighs or calves rest on the massager and gets relaxed using shiatsu or acupressure techniques with the help of rollers and compression.
  4. Foot massager : The most commonly used type of foot massager is electric one whereas mechanical and water-based models are also available in the market. They use vibrators or water jet to relax foot muscles and relieve tension in them.
  5. Neck massager : Neck massager is used to relax the neck muscles when they get over-strained or due to cervical problem. They create pressure points and relieve the tension.