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View latest Price List of Havells Heaters Water in India as of 24 Jun 2024 at 4:13pm. There are 393 Havells Heaters Water in the price list. You can view product specifications, reviews, ratings, images, price charts, and more along with the lowest prices in India. The most popular and best-selling product in this category is Havells 3 Litres BIANCA Instant Water Heater (White Blue). The cheapest of Heaters Water from Havells is Havells 15 Litres Havells ADONIA (WHITE) Storage Water Heater (White) , priced at ₹11,590, while the most expensive is Havells 25 Litres ORIZZONTE Storage Water Heater (White) for ₹22,990. The prices displayed here are the best prices found for each item and will help you select the Havells Heaters Water available in India that fit your budget. All Havells Heaters Water prices are in Indian Rupees and have been collected from various online stores. These prices are valid across cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Surat and other cities for online purchases.

About the Brand

Havells makes products in various categories like heaters water, juicer mixer grinders, heaters room, water purifiers, air coolers, trimmers, hair dryers, heaters immersion rods, hair straighteners, shavers, and more. It is an established and very popular brand available online in India. Havells made items are sold online at stores like amazon, moglix, reliancedigital, industrybuying, croma, snapdeal, tatacliq, firstcry, myntra.

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Havells Water Heater Price

It is a bliss to start a beautiful morning in chilly winters with hot showers and bath. Water heater is one of the basic and necessary amenities in every household. It is an absolute must-have whenever there is a change in weather conditions and temperature. Havells offer efficient and durable electric water heating appliances to consumers. Their products are built up with original and advanced hot water systems so as to minimize the running expenses and electricity bills. Their water heaters/geysers have attractive designs and are compact so that they can be installed easily and deliver hot water quickly hence saving energy and water. They are available in various price range and in multiple colour options suiting all types of home decor and offering modern and aesthetic look to the interiors. Start your day afresh with complete range of Havells storage and instant water heaters/geysers and select the right model according to your requirements.

How to buy Best Water Heater Online for your home?

If you are looking to buy a new water heater or replace the old one, then firstly you need to analyse what kind of heater will be suitable for your bathroom or kitchen. For nuclear families, smaller capacity 10 litre or may be 15 litre is sufficient but for bigger joint families, the capacity of storage tank should be at least 25 litres or more. You can easily check out the specifications, features and other required information about various models available in the market in a single of a mouse. At Price-Hunt, you will find various types of water heaters offered by Havells along with its updated price list, features and more. You do not have to go through different portals to find the best price of your selected desired model making the experience easier and simpler for the consumers. Also read the reviews of the product you wish to buy to get feedback by the original users and make a smart buying decision.

Why should you choose Havells water heater?

Founded in 1983, Havells have grown immensely in more than three decades to become one of the most reputed and trusted electrical appliance manufacturer in the country. The company follows stringent quality checks and safety measures for all its products and services. They are the perfect combination of aesthetics and utility. Customer satisfaction is their foremost and utmost priority. The company offers wide range of unique products in water heater category. In fact, they were the first one to come with water heater models which were equipped with ELCBs. They launch innovative and technologically advanced products at regular intervals, keeping in mind the latest trends and preferences of customers. Their new 'Adonia' range of intelligent water heaters is a perfect combination of elegant design, advanced technology safety and comfort. They are equipped with PentaShield technology to ensure high safety and protection to its consumers.

Factors to consider while buying Havells geyser/water heater

Before buying a good water heater, you need to check out certain things like safety measures, star rating, efficiency, storage capacity and more. Vertical mounted heaters occupy lesser space hence go for them in case you do not have a lot of space to mount the heater. Also the star rating should be minimum 4 out of 5 star so as to ensure maximum efficiency and power saving. Water storage capacity and instant heating are the crucial points to be taken care of before taking a final decision. They

Types of Water heater

Primarily, there are three types of water heater including storage water heater, instant water heater and instant gas water heater. They have either a plastic body or metal body geysers. Their compact and light-weight make them portable and ideal to carry anywhere and everywhere. You can choose the desired model among them according to your requirements and preferences.

  1. Storage water heater : They are the most traditional and commonly used type of water heater. They are best suited for bigger joint families for more than 4 family members in the house as it stores substantial quantity of water for longer time duration even in the absence of electricity. It can store upto 80-100 gallons of water at a time depending upon its capacity. While shortlisting the model, you should have a look at its EF (energy factor) so as to minimize the electricity bills. Also, smaller the size of water heater tank, higher will be its efficiency. Storage geysers are available in all types of storage capacities ranging from 6 to 35 litres of water.
  2. Instant water heater : They heat the water instantly in few minutes. If you really hate waiting for the hot water to come out of the top, then instant water heaters are suitable for you. They are available in low storage capacity- 1 litre or 3 litres and should be installed in smaller bathrooms or kitchen where space is a major issue of concern and you require to heat small quantity of water after every short interval. They are also referred to as tankless water storage unit. In the areas where there is hard water, instant geyser cannot be used as that will spoil the device so water softener needs to be installed beforehand.
  3. Solar water heater : This is the most advanced and latest water heating system in India. They are quite expensive as they are equipped with inbuilt solar panels which absorb the sunlight and convert the solar energy into electrical energy which is then used to heat the water. It is environment friendly and its running cost is alos quite low. Hence it is more practical to install it in commercial places like guest houses or hotels where the consumption is quite high as compared to individual homes. The only disadvantage is that they will not be able to work in peak winters in the absence of sunlight.
  4. Gas water heater : They are the most cost-effective option as they run on LPG gas. Havells Gas Water Heaters in India come in varied storage capacities and provide adequate safety as they are well equipped with important safety features like Double solenoid valve and Flame-out protection for extra protection which make them the best choice to go for in India. They are light in weight and highly energy efficient hence ensuring substantial money saving in the electricity bills.
  5. Hybrid water heater : They are the latest type of heaters which capture the heat from the air and use it for heating the water. They consume about 60 percent less power than the standard electric water heaters. They are expensive but it is compensated with low running cost and easy installation. They are not suitable for extremely cold areas.

Types of instant water heater

Instant gas water heaters come in varied range to provide the consumer with hot water to kickstart the day with freshness and rejuvenating experience. Lookwise, they might not be too great but surely, they are the most effective option in terms of running cost. The latest Havell gas geysers are compact, sleek designed that merge with the interiors.

  1. Opal EC : These type of heater models are durable, have rust and shock-proof ABS outer body and unique design. They come with adjustable knob for temperature setting.
  2. Instanio : They are sturdy and come with stainless steel inner tank and rust and shock proof ABS outer body. They are equipped with temperature-sensitive colour changing LED indicators and work on Feroglas technology making it suitable for high-rise buildings. They come in lower storage capacities and their most common 6 litre model is priced around 7-8K.

Types of storage water heater

Unlike conventional geysers, their storage water heater models are equipped with temperature sensitive LED colour changing indicators and shock-safe plug which is designed to prevent electric shocks by cutting off the power in case of current leakage thus ensuring additional safety and aesthetic design. They come with digital temperature indicator and feather touch controls which offers great comfort and ease, hence taking customer's experience and satisfaction to a different level. They are technologically advanced water heaters and provide excellent functionality by providing the right temperature as per their comfort and requirement.

  1. Adonia series : They are ergonomically designed and are the most innovative and latest water heaters which are equipped with a patented temperature sensitive LED indicators that changes its colour from Blue to Amber as the water heats from normal to a maximum of 75 degrees and protecting the consumers against sudden exposure to water at high temperatures. They are 5 star rated as per BEEE standards. Their inner tank is made up of sturdy material using Feroglas technology which makes it tough on hard water, corrosion resistant and have longer life span. Its inbuilt glass coated heating element offers high precision digital thermostat cut-out for optimum water temperature and safety. The two colour options available in this model series are white and ivory. These Havells water heaters price ranges between Rs 11,000-Rs 14,000.
  2. Puro Plus : They are available in multiple storage capacities- 10, 15 and 25 litres and well suited for high rise buildings. They comprise of heavy duty anode rod which protects the tank from corrosion and rust. Their inner tank made of extra thick superior cold rolled steel and also ensure high level of protection to electrical parts from water splashing. They operate on Feroglas technology and have shock-safe plug for safety and protection from leakage current. Their price range varies between Rs. 10,000 and Rs. 15,000.
  3. Puro Turbo : These heater series come with multiple heating options for user's comfort and ease. Their inner storage tank comes with innovative feroglas technology which can withstand the hard water to offer many years of water trouble-free service. For better efficiency and minimize the heat loss, it comes with CFC free high density PUF insulation. Their Incloly glass coated heating element prevents it from getting oxidised or carbonized at high temperature and they have adjustable knob for temperature setting.
  4. Monza EC H : They are horizontally designed which makes them suitable for low ceilings and are available in left and right side configurations. They are equipped with advanced feroglas technology so that the inner container can even tolerate hard water for longer life and extended durability. These Havell geysers are priced between 10K to 15K.

Buy Water Geysers Online

Water heater is one of the most useful home appliance which can bring lot of ease to your life. Comparing the prices and specifications is always better before making a right buying decision as you will not miss any deal. Besides Havells, some of the other best-rated brands are Padmini, Crompton, Lonik, Bajaj, Ovastar, Inalsa, Haier, Shivalik, etc for your diverse needs. All these brands can guarantee genuine products to the consumers and can be blindly trusted upon in these chilly winters. You can choose the model fitting in your budget between Rs. 5,000 to Rs. 15,000.