Price Lists Of Tablets In India

Confused. Which tablet to buy?

Tablet is a portable computer that consists of a touchscreen display with a stylus. Some tablets even have a keyboard which makes it even more comfortable to use. They are normally smaller and lighter in weight than an average laptop. They are very helpful during travelling as they are very handy and convenient to use. Just like laptops and mobiles, tablets also comes with Windows browser and pre-installed applications. Tablets also have in-built battery having battery life of average 10-13 hours or more , depending on its version. All new models have Wi-fi, GPS connectivity and webcam attached to it. Lot of great models of various reputed manufacturers are available in the market but it is difficult to choose.

Following are the points which will help you in deciding which tablet to buy:

  1. Operating System : Most important factor in buying a tablet depends on the operating system you want to go for. Tablets operatibility is determined by its operating system. There are three types of operating system- Apple iOS, Android OS and Windows 8 operating system. Apple iPads are very easy-to-use tablets with smooth experience but are costlier than other tablets. Nowadays, iPad mini is also available which is cheaper option. Android OS tablets are easy to use and they are free, hence lot of options are available from branded as well Chinese manufacturers. The latest Android operating system being used these days is version 5, also called Lollipop. But some Android models are using earlier versions like 4.2.
  2. Size of Tablet: Tablet comes in various screen sizes. Usually the screen size varies from 6 to 12 inches diagonally across the screen. The small sized tablets have screen size of 6 to 8 inches and are usually cheaper and require less power than larger tablets. If you are looking for light-weight, portable tablet which can fit easily in purse or small handbag, then probably 6-7 inches tablet is best suited. iPad has 8 inch screen. Medium sized tablets (with size 8.9 to 10.1 inches) have better screen resolution and larger screens than 7-inch tablets. They are best suited for watching movies and doing office work. Very few tablets have screen size more than 10.1 inch (they are also called hybrids) and serve the purpose somewhere between tablet and PC.
  3. Storage : Tablets require storage space for all purposes, whether it is for storing games, movies or any text document. Minimum storage space available is 8 GB. As and when storage capacity increses, price also increases . Additional microSD slot is available in almost all tablets except in iPad and can be expanded further as well.

If you want to work on the tablet, then opt for Windows8 tablet as it is more user-friendly. For typing and watching movies, choose lighter and portable small-sized tablets. We have vast collection of tablets of all popular and reputed brands like Acer, Sony, Dell, Apple, Lenovo, HP, HCl, Samsung, Toshiba, Asus, Micromax, Karbonn, to name a few.